Palace and M-ZONE are proving that great things can still rise from the ashes, figuratively. Though British skateboard shop M-ZONE technically no longer physically exists, they and Palace are presenting a fresh collab.

The store was around from 1985 until the 1990s, though not much remains of it. It started as a BMX boutique and ran under the name Mud Machine before it took on the M-ZONE title. Its Palace revival brings back familiar aspects from the shop like the ’90s graphics and the recognizable mascot. Founder Charles Burrows is in on the action to present coach jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and a limited-edition deck. Each piece is presented on a muted tone canvas with bold color graphics in hits of blue, pink and green. Co-branding comes in the form of “P-Zone” and a hybrid Palace/M-ZONE mascot logo.

The Palace x M-ZONE collection is dropping on the official Palace website and in-store on May 14th. The collection drops in Japan on May 15th and in China on the official “Palace_Skateboards” WeChat store.


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