The Reebok Classic is one of the most famous sneakers across the footwear landscape. It’s seen recent revamps from the likes of Brain Dead and JJJJound, and it can be found in the closets of sneakerheads of all kinds across the globe. London’s Palace Skateboards, however, is now shooting for the stars with a collab that asks the eternal question that at least one person probably wondered about: what if it had a Pump system?

The Palace x Reebok “P-Bok” injects the timeless sneaker with a supercharge of 90’s footwear tech with a Reebok Pump bladder to supplement the shoe’s lacing system. The P-Bok will come in two classic colorways: an all-white model with blue stripes and an all-black model with white stripes. Each shoe features a Palace Tri-Ferg on the tongue and Pump button, while the Pump release valve is emblazoned with the UK flag. The duo of P-Boks will also release alongside a sweatsuit and tees in grey, white, and black, and each item features Palace x Reebok co-branding.

The Palace x Reebok “P-Bok” collection releases both in-store and online via Palace’s website on Friday, October 23rd at 10AM central. A Japanese in-store and online release will follow on Saturday, October 24th at 11AM JST (as well as a WeChat release at 11AM CST). You can check out the promo video and posters for the collection (as well as product shots for each item) down below.

Palace x Reebok “P-Bok” Lookbook

Palace x Reebok “P-Bok” Collection
Release Date: October 23, 2020


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