adidas-palace-full ss15
Sound the proverbial air horns, we start your morning once again with news from adidas Orignals and Palace Skateboards. After setting the blogosphere on fire with their collab, the duo returns once again to give us a full look at their Spring/Summer 2015 offerings.

The plethora of pieces here, from jackets to pants, shorts, hats and more, illustrate eloquently the reason for said hype. Bold spins on classic designs and striking new silhouettes sit together flawlessly, once again making it apparent these pieces will be must haves. Drenched in 3M and bold, performance minded fabrics, these offerings can be yours starting May 2nd. Do whatever you can to cop then, resale is going to be a nightmare.


adidas-palace-full ss15_14 adidas-palace-full ss15_17 adidas-palace-full ss15_06 adidas-palace-full ss15_02 adidas-palace-full ss15_16 adidas-palace-full ss15_15 adidas-palace-full ss15_19 adidas-palace-full ss15_07 adidas-palace-full ss15_03 adidas-palace-full ss15_12 adidas-palace-full ss15_18 adidas-palace-full ss15_04 adidas-palace-full ss15_05 adidas-palace-full ss15_09 adidas-palace-full ss15_08 adidas-palace-full ss15_11 adidas-palace-full ss15_10 adidas-palace-full ss15_13


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