If you thought Snoopy and gang were through collaborating with A Bathing Ape you were mistaken, the Peanuts line is back for Fall/Winter 2014 and we’ve got the pics below. From lifestyle accessories to hoodies, T’s and more, the collection has you and your nostalgia covered. Keep your eyes peeled to the BAPE site for a chance to make these pieces yours.

peanuts-bape-fw14_10 peanuts-bape-fw14_15 peanuts-bape-fw14_14 peanuts-bape-fw14_13 peanuts-bape-fw14_12 peanuts-bape-fw14_16 peanuts-bape-fw14_17 peanuts-bape-fw14_11 peanuts-bape-fw14 peanuts-bape-fw14_07 peanuts-bape-fw14_06 peanuts-bape-fw14_05 peanuts-bape-fw14_04 peanuts-bape-fw14_03 peanuts-bape-fw14_02 peanuts-bape-fw14_08