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  1. Looks like one of my pics from my write up on TSG. This is K-Skit's old store before they moved about a year or so ago.

  2. ^^Right on Oscar, all the pics look the same from the older shop…..I wasn't "claiming" that pic or anything like that LOL……I don't like the new shop….it's overwhelming…..way too much to look thru in one visit.

    @Oki, K Skit and PX Megastore are both in Kichijoji…….head from Fussa to Tachikawa, then from Tachikawa to Kichijoji on the Chuo line…..Skit's about a 5min walk from Kichijoji station….so is PX Megastore……if you need better directions email me @

  3. ^^@Oscar, prices are pretty amazing in alot of cases. you get what you pay for, so rarity/condition is still the driving factor for the price, but availability's amazing…..wearable OG Jordan 1-5's with "Nike Air" on em, they had an OG pair of Air Pythons up until a year ago, "Sky Jordan" baby J's with the OG boxes that looked like small gym room lockers, not to mention their display case with the ultra rare stuff that you just can't find anymore, and this is from all brands and models, not just Jordan……..very very impressive store…..has to be one of the top 3 stores on the entire planet, and I'd bet a ALOT of money on that statement………

    • Wow that sounds awesome. I hope you can do a vid segment on TSG one day. Ill be looking forward to that!

  4. ^^no problem at all Oki, and Oscar I've been thinking about that vid for a while…..would def be nice to show how great that store is…..


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