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  1. Its Because of fkers like him people do desperate things when they cant get a pair of their own on release date

  2. if i see this guy in person i swear imma shove those ds concords up his as, one at a time

  3. You guys realize that he sold each of these shoes for $240, simply as a convenience fee to people so they didn't to go through the ordeal of those riots you saw on tv? you think he's greedy? how about the fuckboys that sell them for WAY MORE than $240? go fuck yourselves.

  4. Fuckers like this guy makes me sick to my stomach. Cmon son, let people who actually wants these have the chance to buy them and not to resell. I couldn't get my son a pair and i camped out for 12 hours. Bitch ass trick ass mark. Imma find you and rob yo ass bitch made. Grade A fuck boy

  5. I know people want to make their bred reselling but this is also the reason a lot of people do crazy stuff to get them.

  6. Word on the street is that this fuck boy was selling them for $320 a piece. If anyone want his number, leave a comment and I'll send it to you

  7. Shit $240 don't sound bad if it's true wouldn't complain about that, I sold a ds pair of breds size 13 to my cousin for $200, I don't like ripping people off. You get your product I make a lil bit of money, we are all happy.

  8. you think this fuckboy makes as much money off selling these shitty 2011 brocords as i do?

  9. i think its comedy that people are ODing on these crappy ass shoes…ive seen all kinds of defects from this shoe..ive seen a pair that has the label on the tongue upside down. and those blue soles that people love so much will be doo doo brown after a few wears….the jokes on you hypebeast.

  10. I agree with all of the hate on here, FUCK this boy. I want his number as well. I got my pair but I do sympathize with all of the people that stood in line for hours and didn't get their pair because this fuck boy and his fuck friends wanna buy up all of the pairs just to profit off people who really desire these. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK RESELLERS, They fucking up the game

  11. hella hate on here lol. niggas are hurt cause they ain't down with the #moneyteam..and I can't believe someone spelt "bread" as "bred" AHAH

  12. He sold those for $250 a piece, and took pre orders so people wouldn't have to wait in line. Don't knock the hustle punk ass niggas

  13. Although I got a pair, I wouldn't pay more than MSRP on these. There is glue all over this crap and I seriously think the blue sole will get dirty as a mofo. I personally do not like resellers, go get a real job instead of ripping people off. This whole shoe game is getting way out of hand from posers, wannabees, and broke people.

  14. lol why ya mad? If people are buying it from him at a higher price, what is he doing wrong?

    Blame the buyers for setting the market ! And Nike for not making enough for everyone !

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