With hundreds of kicks being snapped daily, true photography talent can really stand out when it comes to sneakers. Today, we came across  (@Gambino99)  – a talented photographer who can really do some damage with the camera and by the quality of the flicks after the jump, you’ll be able to recognize “The Pickups” work from now on.  From mad exclusive Asics all the way to Jordans, this savvy photographer has you covered. Check out a few photos after the Jump and let us know what you think!

Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_02_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_03_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_04_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_05_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_06_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_07_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_08_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_09_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_10_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_11_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_12_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_13_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_14_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_15_result Photographers-The-Pickups-Nike-Asics-Jordan_result


More work by “The Pickups” by hitting this  link


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