The photographer that took the iconic Jumpman photograph in 1984, is suing Nike for violating the Copyright of his photo. The photographer states that his photo was the inspiration behind the Jumpman logo, that’s been used since the very beginnings of Jordan Brand.

The lawsuit says Nike paid photographer Rentmeester $150 in August 1984 for temporary use of two 35mm transparencies of Jordan he shot for Life magazine, later returning the images lest the company be charged an additional $500.

Rentmeester contacted Nike upon learning of its image and “Nike initially refused to speak with Mr. Rentmeester regarding the issue,” the lawsuit says, “and only responded to his repeated requests when Mr. Rentmeester threatened litigation.”

The lawsuit says Nike paid Rentmeester $15,000 in March 1985 for a limited license to use the image of the soaring Jordan for two years.

But Nike exceeded the agreement in marketing materials as well as creating, in 1987, the Jumpman logo — a silhouette inspired by the soaring image, the lawsuit says. – Oregon Live


Should the Photographer have gotten paid more? Let us know what you think in the comments section

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