Chicago-based rap collective Pivot Gang has released a music video for their standout track “Mortal Kombat” with Kari Faux, off of the gang’s recently released album You Can’t Sit with Us. Pivot Gang is comprised of Saba, Joseph Chilliams, Frsh Waters, MFn Melo and producers daedaePIVOT and SqueakPIVOT.

The video is shot mostly in black and white, aside from some stylistic color shots. The gang is seen driving around Sun Valley and really just enjoying themselves while flossing their incredible rapping ability. From playing craps with Monopoly money to Joseph Chilliams’ chill yet seductive dance moves, you can see these guys are out here just having fun. Kari Faux drops a spectacular verse that complements Saba’s and Joseph Chilliams’ verses perfectly.

Check out the video below, directed by Cam “Contact” Robert.



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