As many of us know, nostalgia always sells. In an exciting series of events that’ll have 90s kids basking in the memory of their childhood, Pokémon and McDonald’s are expected to bring the iconic trading cards to Happy Meals in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

Early leaks indicate that four-card booster packs will come packaged with every Happy Meal. Consisting of 25 starter Pokémon from each generation (including Pikachu), each card comes stamped with a 25th anniversary logo. Each pack will come with four different Starter Pokémon, with one of the cards in each pack being holographic. Each of the 25 offered cards will be available in holo and non-holo forms, meaning there are 50 possible cards to collect in total. Based on the leaked poster, it appears other goodies such as sticker sets will also be included in this promotion.

Along with the upcoming Levi’s collaboration, Pokémon is said to have a few other surprises in store for the 25th anniversary celebration. Pokémon and McDonald’s have yet to officially announce this news, though reports indicate that this promotion will run from February 9th through March 8th. Check out the leaked poster below.

Source: PokéBeach



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