After working with Lil Uzi Vert on the video for XO TOUR Llif3, Virgil Abloh is expanding the rap video director section of his resumé with a video for “Shake The Room” by late Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke.

Before his untimely passing in February, Pop Smoke met with Virgil Abloh out in Paris. In an Instagram post, Virgil recalls texting Pop Smoke in early 2020 and telling him that “Paris needed his energy for multiple reasons.” Pop Smoke was in attendance for the Off-White Paris Fashion Week show, but more importantly, the two shot a music video during a night out in the city.

The teaser images and clips show Pop Smoke and Quavo, who is featured in the song, riding around the streets of Paris at night in a red Ferrari from L’Art de L’automobile. Captions in the teaser images read “This is barely a video shoot” and “This video is real life footage.”

Pop Smoke’s “Shake The Room” video is the latest release by Virgil Abloh’s newly announced project, the Off-White™ International Rap Video Production Studio. Catch the premiere this Saturday, March 28th at 8PM ET / 7PM CT on YouTube. We’ll post the video on this page once it drops.

Update (03/28/20): The video for Pop Smoke’s “Shake The Room” is out now. Check it out below.


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