publish-legacy jogger

The sneaker community has embraced Joggers like doctors have embraced scrubs, and these cuffed wonders are taking over. While there are renditions of this “genre” of pant that are vomit inducing, the same can be said for denim (True Religion) suits (anything 4 button) and pretty much anything else, so don’t write these off just because some @$$h)le’s in fake Yeezy’s walk around in pleather ones. The forefront in everything Jogger comes via Publish Brand, and this latest “Legacy” collection firms up that ideology. If you’re in need of a few more pairs, make that move now.

publish-legacy jogger_08 publish-legacy jogger_07 publish-legacy jogger_06 publish-legacy jogger_05 publish-legacy jogger_04 publish-legacy jogger_03 publish-legacy jogger_02



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