The folks at Publish have once again set out to conquer the jogger market, this time bringing the heat by way of this “Novelty” pack. The selection here sees joggers in your choice of pattern, and if you’re looking for solid colors, looks elsewhere, these bad boys are all graphic all the time. From 3m Polka Dots to floral to Middle Eastern tiling and everything in between, the collection surely has something up your hypebeast alley. Add in the fact that they’re 98% cotton twill and feature a DWR water/stain resistant makeup and you’ve got something we’ll file under “must cop”. Head over and grab yours now, they’re sellin’ like hot cakes.

publish-novelty-jogger_03 publish-novelty-jogger_04 publish-novelty-jogger_05 publish-novelty-jogger_06 publish-novelty-jogger_07 publish-novelty-jogger_08 publish-novelty-jogger_09 publish-novelty-jogger_10 publish-novelty-jogger_11 publish-novelty-jogger



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