puma-xs850-summer pack

The retro craze continues, this time with Puma pumping out a plethora of fresh new looks for their newly retro’d XS850 silhouette. The OG kicks are looking better than ever, thanks in part to a few all new colorways that do a great job of blending old and new. From the graphic heel to the intricate upper, there are many places for new colors to shine and intriguing combos to pop up, and Puma has nailed it. Expect to see these popping up at Puma retailers starting July 1st.

puma-xs850-summer pack_30 puma-xs850-summer pack_29 puma-xs850-summer pack_28 puma-xs850-summer pack_27 puma-xs850-summer pack_26 puma-xs850-summer pack_25 puma-xs850-summer pack_24 puma-xs850-summer pack_23 puma-xs850-summer pack_22 puma-xs850-summer pack_21 puma-xs850-summer pack_20 puma-xs850-summer pack_19 puma-xs850-summer pack_18 puma-xs850-summer pack_17 puma-xs850-summer pack_16 puma-xs850-summer pack_15 puma-xs850-summer pack_14 puma-xs850-summer pack_13 puma-xs850-summer pack_12 puma-xs850-summer pack_11 puma-xs850-summer pack_10 puma-xs850-summer pack_09 puma-xs850-summer pack_08 puma-xs850-summer pack_07 puma-xs850-summer pack_06 puma-xs850-summer pack_05 puma-xs850-summer pack_04 puma-xs850-summer pack_03 puma-xs850-summer pack_02


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