Following Kerby Jean-Raymond’s rise to Vice President of Creative Direction for Reebok last September, it seems the brand is ready to show off its new look. The rebrand aligns with the Fall/Winter 2021 season and launches with a video series titled “Reconnect.”

Jean-Raymond, founder of menswear label Pyer Moss, has the help of Jide Osifeso, now Reebok’s Artistic Marketing Director. The team works closely to build upon the creative foundation of the brand. They’re focusing on the internal creative agency, leading direction on the brand’s new identity and bringing the overall vision to life.

The first glimpse of this campaign reflects upon the connection between sport and community. Osifeso personally offers a perspective on his relationship to the concept. The result is “Reconnect,” a longform video and series of vignettes directed by Jonas Lindstroem, the former co-written with Osifeso. Through it all, Reebok’s classics prove to be as timeless and integral to everyday life as ever.

“The film series was made for people to drive their own meanings. I wanted to explore forward movement – literally and figuratively – and on a macro level, the idea that life is not a spectator sport as we should always strive to make the most of every moment in our journey through life,” said Osifeso.

The full video is available on Youtube and can be seen above, with a shorter trailer posted on Reebok’s Instagram. The official global brand campaign, however, will unveil in Spring/Summer 2022, along with Jean-Raymond’s first influenced collection the following year.

Jide Osifeso, Reebok Artistic Marketing Director


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