reebok classic reserve-boot-vibram_02

With the Winter months approaching, sneaker companies are buying one way tickets to boot-ville, and the latest to hop on board are the fine folds at Reebok. This collection sees everything from literal boots to “Vibram’d” out to boot-tastic renditions of the Classic Leather, NPC, Ex-o-fit clean, Workout Plus and Freestyle Hi. Premiums leathers, suede’s and waxed laces keep things looking fresh, and if you live by a Reebok Reserve dealer you can cop these now.

reebok classic reserve-boot-vibram_03 reebok classic reserve-boot-vibram_04 reebok classic reserve-boot-vibram_05 reebok classic reserve-boot-vibram_06 reebok classic reserve-boot-vibram reebok classic reserve-boot-vibram_10 reebok classic reserve-boot-vibram_09 reebok classic reserve-boot-vibram_08 reebok classic reserve-boot-vibram_07

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