Reebok and Garbstore have once again pooled their collective brain power, and the result is, like their previous collaborations, a collection packed with heat “like the oven door”. The inside-out theme is continued once again, this time adorning the Phase II, Classic Leather 6000, Classic Inferno and Pump Running Dual Mid silhouettes that aren’t necessarily the most common, but that hasn’t stopped them from tweaking them into something sneakerheads will be clamoring for. Expect to see these hit shelves within the coming months straight from the source.

reebok-garbstore-fw14_03 reebok-garbstore-fw14_04 reebok-garbstore-fw14_05 reebok-garbstore-fw14_06 reebok-garbstore-fw14_07 reebok-garbstore-fw14_08 reebok-garbstore-fw14



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