Almost two decades after the original “It’s A Woman’s World” national campaign, Reebok is blazing the trail once again but this time with the help of five women who are making their mark on the male-dominated music and art industry.

Anhia Zaira Santana, bka Distortedd, has put her own spin on the chunky Instapump Fury silhouette, which is a force to be reckoned with as it comes decked out in graffiti-style artwork and striking colors that wrap the entire visual in a way that won’t let you look away. The Philly-based visual artist was inspired by a mix of skate culture, childhood cartoons, and the underground art scene. She says that the shoe is “everything [she’s] built so far.”

Unlike the 2001 release, this time around Reebok is letting the women tell their own stories using the shoe as their canvas in the latest “It’s A Man’s World” campaign. Music producer Wondagurl has revamped the Aztrek ’96, while Girls on Kicks owner Sanne Poeze decked out the DMX. Jazerai “NerdLikeJazzy” Allen-Lord customized the Club-C and Kimberly “MuseumMammy” Drew took on the Freestyle-Hi.

In the midst of a male-dominated industry, these five women don’t care to be swept up in the drama and their shoes definitely tell that story well. You can shop Distortedd’s Instapump Fury and the rest of the “It’s A Man’s World” releases on


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