Reebok and upcycle designer Justin Mensinger are striking a partnership through their “Pieces of Us” limited-edition sweatshirt collection. The capsule was created to raise money and awareness around mental health.

Mensinger, winner of HBO Max’s The Hype, tapped into the closets of Broderick Hunter, Lazarus Lynch, Richie Shazam, Amrit Sidhu, Maxwell Pearce, and Kendra Oyesana to bring the collection to life. Each is a member of the Reebok Collective, a group organized by Reebok to promote inclusivity, acceptance, and belonging. Using mental health and eco-conscious fashion repurposing, Mensinger adopted his signature patchwork style to the pieces.

The six sweatshirts will be auctioned on Charitybuzz with all proceeds going to Reebok’s non-profit partner BOKS, an organization that aims to instill positive physical and mental health practices into every child’s daily routine. Reebok will also be making an additional monetary donation to support the BOKS community.

“Each piece of clothing that previously held someone’s energy and style came together to create a new story and new garment that someone else can enjoy,” says Mensinger. “With the inspirational quotes gathered from our Reebok Collective members I was able to add messages that are universal reminders to each of us.”

A video piece (seen above) gives an inside look at the process behind the capsule. Members of the Reebok Collective give their insight as well to open the conversation for self-expression and stress relief.

The auction for the Reebok x Justin Mensinger “Pieces of Us” collection will take place online on Charitybuzz in January. Check out the pieces in the photos below.


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