Reebok has teamed up with Illumination for a genuinely wild collection of footwear to celebrate next summer’s release of Minions: The Rise of Gru, the latest installment in the Despicable Me universe. The collection is comprised of five different shoes that range from relatively subdued to truly zany, and each model has its own intricate tie-ins with the movie universe. You can take a detailed look at the collection’s shoes down below, all of which are set to arrive in special packaging alongside a set of Minions-themed apparel on October 1st via Reebok’s website. (Reebok UNLOCKED members will get one-day early access on September 30th.)

Reebok Question Mid “Gru’s Lab” ($175)

One of the collection’s most impressive offerings, this iteration of the Question Mid legitimately looks like a gadget developed in a cartoonish evil lab. The model uses both unpolished and shiny silver panels to create a sleek-yet-clunky look that makes the Question Mid look like a home-built machine. Possibly the most impressive accent on the model, however, is a bright green slime tube running from each shoe’s ankle through its eyestays and up to the shoe’s other side, finally appearing to spit out its goo in a green splat on the bottom of the shoe’s outsole. The shoe is finished off by a metallic skull on the heel, Gru “G” branding in place of the model’s traditional Iverson heel badge, and caution tape near the shoe’s red and green cushioning pods.

Reebok Instapump Fury “Vicious 6” ($200)

While the Instapump Fury is no stranger to wacky paneling and eye-catching redresses, this one truly might take the cake. The asymmetrical pair features detailing and motifs from each of the film’s villains that comprise the Vicious 6, an organization of the world’s most infamous villains in the film’s universe. For example, the left shoe’s purple/gold chain motif comes from the character Belle Bottom’s wardrobe, and its metallic silver Pump bladder echoes the character Stronghold’s metal tank. The right shoe, on the other hand, uses a teal and gold Pump bladder with a stained-glass Pump button to nod to Nun Chuck atop a hairy zebra-print upper that echoes White Nuckle’s throne. The model is finished off by spiked heels that represent Dolph Lundgren’s Svengeance character, somewhat reminiscent of 2016’s studded Halloween Instapump.

Reebok Instapump Fury “Minions” ($170)

It’s somewhat laughable that a shiny, bright yellow Instapump can be considered “subdued” relative to its sister Instapump, but the “Minions” colorway of the model comes in a far more laid-back solid yellow with blue and bright green accents to represent the characters’ skin color and wardrobe. The model also features printed insoles, a Minion eye Pump button, and a banana graphic on the outsole.

Reebok Club C “Vicious 6” ($100)

This model provides a subtle echo of the film’s retro ‘70s aesthetic using premium corduroy and nubuck paneling on the tan upper. The model’s tongue is embossed with the Vicious 6 logo, and the shoe’s purple shag-carpet sockliner provides a small bit of color pop.

Reebok Club C “Otto” ($70)

This final rendition of the Club C comes in a standard yellow/blue Minions colorway in kids-exclusive sizing. The model is relatively simple but features tongue-in-cheek Reebok minion-eye branding and a printed sockliner.


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