Swizz Beatz pulled one of the best moves for Reebok by bringing back the classic Allen Iverson Question, which sold out within minutes and it’s not over yet. The Reebok line will continue it’s retro line up in 2012 bringing back classics such as the Answer IV, Emmitt Smith’s EM22 and the original DMX. No word on when this line up is set to release but rest assure that these iconic silhouettes are confirmed to return. Via The Real Swizz

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  1. I’ve been looking for those Playoff 4s for YEARS!! SOOOOO happy they’re rereleasing them! Call that luck.. But it wont have the same effect wearing them as if I was wearing them now…People would be like “Is this cat really wearing some answer 4s??” lol now it’ll be like “Oh nice answer 4s…” lol still pumped tho!

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