Rip Hamilton is known for having ton’s of PE’s under his name since his days with the Detroit Pistons and a few days ago, Good Ol’ Rip City showed us just a small piece of his collection in his storage room.  From PE’s to Packs, the entire room is filled with nothing but goodness and hopefully, we’ll be seeing the contents of the boxes soon. Via Rip

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    • He’s not a true sneakerhead… he’s a Jordan sponsored athlete. He gets his kicks for free. It has nothing to do with his love for the shoes, and he probably has a bunch of wack team Jordans that he doesn’t like and no one else likes either.

      He doesn’t even pick most of his own shoes, they just send him everything. There’s nothing “sneakerhead” about that.

  1. yeh if i was sponsored by jordan ill wear them shits an throw em away .. who cares .. why stack em up when u could get em with ah snap of ah finger


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