The Air Jordan 4 White / Cement Retro releases next month but NBA player Rip Hamilton, got his hands on a pair a bit earlier than expected. Rip Hamilton wore the Air Jordan 4 White / Cement against the Pacers tonight, giving us a bit of an earlier preview of one of the most anticipated retros of all time. See photos after the jump Via C4dunk

Air Jordan 4
White / Black – Cement Grey


  1. honestly i have been waiting on these for years and am so excited to cope 2 pears, but the SHAPE to me looks like shit!!! something about them (cannot put my finger on it) looks OFF, BIG TYME GUISE!!! im still getn them tho!


  2. its because they dont use the same mold compared to the retro and especially the og the materials used are not the same and the color grey is darker imo one of the worst executed retroes # 1 being the bordeaux 7 that came out last year but im still copping reguardless

  3. I hate when people complain about a shoe and then say they gettin em anyway. If that ain't a hypebeast then I don't know what is.

  4. ^^ Exactly. Just like everyone cries about the olympic 6 midsole change but you know they are going to cop anyway.

  5. We always bitch about the quality, but if this man played in em, they can't be THAT bad…..if they didn't fall off two seconds into the game at least they'll be wearable for a while…I know the leather's not gonna be super supple tumbled sexiness, but hey, this proves they can be worn hard and still hold up.

  6. For what its worth, Rip switched back to the black flip IIIs he's been wearing this season for the fourth quarter if not at halftime (I didn't notice until the fourth quarter).


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