When Sean Wotherspoon first partnered with adidas and took his first trip to their headquarters in Germany, he had access to one of their oldest standing factories in a small town called Scheinfeld. This is one of the factories that’s manufactured the Samba for the past 30+ years. When touring the facility, the Round Two co-founder noticed piles of unused Samba uppers and soles dating back to the ’70s. That’s when the two developed their plan to use this “waste” material to create new products.

First revealed back in March 2020, Sean Wotherspoon and adidas are now ready to release the Round Two Sport x adidas Samba. These are all crafted in Germany, comprised of upcycled materials left over from generations of Samba production. There are four versions in total: new-school short tongue versions and OG long tongue versions, each available in black and in white.

The adidas Samba by Round Two launches today, July 3rd, at all Round Two locations (Chicago, New York, Miami, Los Angeles), later followed by an adidas Confirmed app drop exclusively in the UK. Check them out below.


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