Sonic the Hedgehog has remained a pop culture icon since his introduction in 1991, starring in various video games, comics, TV series, and even two feature films. SEGA’s lovable blue mascot is now the focus of a new collection by Rowing Blazers.

The collection includes various apparel pieces in Rowing Blazers’ signature “preppy” style, injecting a sense of fun into traditional craftsmanship. Highlights include the intarsia-knit cotton sweater emblazoned with Sonic’s image, as well as the polo fleece and rugby jerseys. Rounding out the collection are tees, shorts, caps, a tie, and tote bag.

The Rowing Blazers x Sonic the Hedgehog collection is available now on the Rowing Blazers website, with pieces retailing between $38 and $325 USD. Check out the campaign photos below.


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