Throughout the influx of brands in the recent years, Only a few have been picked by the consumer as a staple to their identity. One important aspect behind every line is the empowering message that it sends. Since it’s relaunch early 2010, the concept’s behind Royal Mindset have been aesthetically pleasing, and sensible. Each piece sends a message or reason behind it. One thing that makes RM different from the common brand, is the reputation of glorifying historic ideas and figures that were considered as “Public Enemy’s” in America. The Sinatra, Lady Justice and the RM Capone are only some examples of the RM style. Other tee’s like the “secret” concept, displays a blunt message in the back and explains the only way to keep a secret is to kill the other that holds it. Modern Notoriety introduces Royal Mindset SP 2010 but enough with the words though…Peep the 2010 line after the jump! Visit Royal Mindset or Follow on twitter @royalmindset

Third World Born Chicagoan pursuing all things pursuable. Follow me on IG: @oscar_castillo


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