RSVP Gallery has introduced an exclusive collaboration with Rit Dye, featuring a do-it-yourself Shibori Dye Kit. Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that involves folding, twisting, or bunching cloth, binding it, and then dyeing it with indigo. RSVP has put together a kit that will include all of the required materials needed.

The kit includes an indigo dye, an RSVP white puff print t-shirt, and all of the essentials of tie-dyeing along with an embroidered “Lil Pal” drawstring bag with an that can be dyed as well. Along with the Shibori kit, there are other blank canvas items including white t-shirts, socks, and briefs. There is a variety of bright colors of dye available inspired by the popular neon signs that float around the shop.

The Chicago/LA retailer has also included some short “how-to” videos that highlight their favorite Shibori-dye techniques. Everything is available while supplies last on RSVP’s website.

Itajime (I-ta-ji-may):

Kanoko (Ca-no-co):

Arashi (Are-ah-she):

Kumo (Ku-mo):



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