We’ve all heard about the Grape Laney Packs, Gatorade VI’s and several other made up sneakers and packs, but what we’ve come across today is something a bit odd. Rumored to re-release this December is the Air Jordan 4 ‘Thunder’ however, This would make it the first “Limited” Non OG release to re retro. The Thunder made it’s debut back in 2006 alongside the lightning Air Jordan 4 as a Lifestyle release, that was only available online but rumor has it that we’ll be seeing these return once again. Let us know how you feel about this rumor.

Photo above is the 2006 sample

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  1. I received both my under grad and MBA in business, so from a business point of view I think it makes perfect sense.  At the moment, the Culture/Market is HOT!  To Nike, I say “if sneakerheads wanna buy kicks when times are tough (Recession), leave no stone unturned!   Get what you can get while you can; as long as the money is still out there”.

  2. I’m excited. 2013 will be the best year. I honestly thought i would be a 70 yr old grandpa watching my grand kids rock these. Middle finger to them!


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