Today’s question of the day: Why Not? It is a question basketball star Russell Westbrook hopes to answer with his newest Jordan Brand collaboration pairing the release of the Why Not? Zer0.3 with an accompanying apparel line.

As sentimental in real life as he is dynamic on the court, Westbrook intentionally launched colorways that had specific meanings in his life. The “Zer0 Noise” model, complete with scattered, vibrant colors atop a black and white static-themed upper, represents a confidence in times of pressure that he hopes to instill in others, especially his younger fans. “The Family,” a shoe with a black, futuristic upper and a family crest stitched on the tongue is inspired by those closest to him who help him “stay focused at the task at hand.” His last model, “Heartbeat,” dressed in the same shade as his twin daughters’ bedrooms and featuring a stitched pink heartbeat, is a tribute to the women in his life and girls everywhere, hoping to inspire them to own their power.

Each multi-blocked shoe represents an evolution from the Zer0.2 collection released earlier this year. Lighter than ever before and closer to the ground, the Zer0.3 collection is an homage to Westbrook’s favorite Air Jordans, though the new aesthetic touches and largest Zoom Air Bag give it its own unique feel.

The accompanying apparel collection features a coach’s jacket, a fleece hoodie and pants, a short-sleeve and long-sleeve tee, and two hats. Westbrook was inspired by his love for basketball, emphasizing the Earth and heart logo on the apparel line. Through the collection he hopes to continue to globally increase the respect of the sport.

The “Zer0 Noise,” “The Family,” and “Heartbeat” colorways are set to drop on January 2nd, January 9th, and February 27th, respectively, and you can expect the Why Not? apparel to release on New Year’s Day on and select Foot Locker House of Hoops locations.


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