Chicago-based boutique Saint Alfred has teamed up with Ebbets Field Flannels for the creation of the Saint Alfred flannel hat. Mr. Jerry Cohen whom wanted to reinvent the jerseys of the past, established Ebbets Field Flannels in the early 1990’s,  to deliver the finest in vintage  inspired athletic clothing. The Saint Alfred x Ebbets hat is one-hundred percent hand-crafted and American made, offering up  deep and accurate historical research to the smallest detail. You can scoop up a flannel hat over at Saint Alfred.

Saint-Alfred-Ebbets-Field-Flannel-Hat Saint-Alfred-Ebbets-Field-Flannel-Fitted-Hats-  Saint-Alfred-Ebbets-Field-Flannel-Fitted-Hats Saint-Alfred-Ebbets-Field-Flannel-Hat-Saint-Alfred-Ebbets-Field-Flannel-Fitted-Hats-1



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