stussy-saint alfred-windy city tribe

Chicago’s Saint Alfred is keeping the collab train running smoothly, and the next stop sees them teaming up with streetwear veterans Stussy for a “Windy City Tribe” capsule collection. The iconic Stussy font and Saint Alfred “A” play well together, and can be seen on sweatshirts, a “Windy City Tribe” windbreaker, hat and more. Keeping the “PLSBLV” mantra alive, the recurring theme of “Windy City Tribe” and “Please Believe” make for an interesting lineup. If you recognize the “Windy” graphic then you are probably more than stoked on these pieces, and luckily for you, they can be had in-store or via Stussy starting tomorrow, the 29th.

stussy-saint alfred-windy city tribe_02 stussy-saint alfred-windy city tribe_03 stussy-saint alfred-windy city tribe_04



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