Shonen Jump has teamed up with Uniqlo to celebrate their 60th anniversary in the manga world. Having recently collaborated for One Piece’s new movie One Piece Stampedethe two are now celebrating Shonen Jumps biggest manga names in Japan.

The collection will feature a series of graphic tees with images and scenes inspired by manga’s like Hajime no IppoFairy TailThe Seven Deadly SinsNegima! Magister Negi MagiShōta no Sushi and Attack on Titan. With more than a dozen different prints there you sure to find some of your favorite characters, like a Titan breaking through a crack in the T-shirt, or Hawk and her mom from Seven Deadly Sins and even Ippo Makunouchi boxing his way through Japanese lettering.

The Shonen Jump 60th Anniversary collection will release on Uniqlo’s Japanese webstore on August 12. Take a look at the full collection of tees below and stay tuned for more info on a global release.


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