Air Jordan Retro Space Jam XI's
1996’s Space Jam shaped the childhoods of thousands of Jordan fans across the globe and in 2016, the film will turn 20 years since it’s debut.

Not only did this nostalgic flick become a memorable one, but it also gave us a glimpse at one of the most sought after Air Jordan 11’s in the entire chapter – the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”. The patent beauty didn’t release until 2001 but even when they debuted on MJ’s feet in 1996, they were still one of the greatest Air Jordan 11’s we’ve ever seen.

With the 20th Anniversary of the Space Jam flick coming up, should Jordan Brand remaster this Air Jordan 11 and retro them again? Let us know in the comments section.

Photo: Air Butchie


  1. at the same time of re-re-retroing these shoes since its the anniversary the should drop more colors ways and a new color way

  2. I hope they wait until 2016 to release these. Another price raise would be warranted. Cats are already feeling the effects around my way. I’m loving it. Cooking while a lot of people are passing. I’d pay $250.00 retail for these in 2016 if it meant cutting into the demand. But that’s just me.

  3. Why bother…there will be enough greedy people out there that will buy them only to sell them again at 300% of their retail price.

  4. Hell yeah, I bet jb is going to bring back these in lowtop form next summer. Just look at how Jordan 11 lows are droping and you will understand why I think that

  5. Remastered my ass half JB releases still have major flaws…all jb did was give people a new box with gold on it increased the price and called it remastered…i hope they dont come out again im sittin good over here with 2 ds pairs sz 12 from 2009…if anyone is interested lmk

  6. yes. icey blue bottom and correct jumpman n i am coolio with this. have my 2009 but another pair will be fine. we need those melo reds!

  7. They should retro a low version for the 20th anniversary in 2016; and save the mid for the 23rd in 2018. Hopefully the y remaster the 11’s and sell them for 250-260.00….. That would make a lot of the kids steer clear, and a easy pickup for me.


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