Recently, Modern Notoriety had the pleasure of meeting up with Ken (KW21270 on Instagram), a Chicago based sneakerhead who has a collection that is truly awe inspiring. Like many serious collectors, he has his own type of sneaker he goes after, and that is evident from what he noted as his top five favorite pieces in his collection, “The Air Jordan UNC 4s, Jordan Georgetown 4s, Lebron Miami Night’s, Lebron Watch the Thrones (with a special sole) and What the Lebron 9s”. Though he left out a few grails from his favorites list, don’t be fooled, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have heaters in his arsenal, Ken has just seen enough to truly know what speaks to him.

Name: Ken
Age: N/A
From:  Illinois
Twitter:  kw21270
Instagram:  kw21270

KW21270’s collection expands from various Lebron models to a plethora of rare Air Jordan colorways some of us will only have the opportunity to hold at sneaker events. In the photos, you’ll see some of the rarest gems in his Nike Basketball collection as well as some overseas exclusives like the Tokyo 23.

Check out the collection below and let us know your thoughts!

kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_29 kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_30   kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_27kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_24 kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_25kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_28 kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_19 kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_20 kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_21 kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_22 kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_23 kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_15 kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_16 kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_17     kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_03kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_18kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_12 kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_10kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_09kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_13    kw21270-air-kenny-modern-notoriety-sneakers-jordans-lebron_04

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  1. Basically just every hyped up shoe from the last few years. Essentially what you see hit the table at every sneaker show. Where’s the unique element? No hate – great shoes, but there’s no personality to this collection.

  2. Hype? He has samples/PEs/friends only releases up the ass. Most people would be lucky to have just one of the rare shoes he has.

  3. For what is worth, i have a ton more shoes, GRs, special themed shoes like the bhms that I love, all-star collections, etc., but there are limits as to the amount of time, space, etc. that we have to load and unload these shoes at a location like this on the streets of Chicago…so focus was placed on the most limited or rare shoes…but you are always going to have haters…it’s all good

    • why are they all ds wear your shoes man it look like you collector just to stare at them 50 years from now those shoes will be dust maintained or not they are not made to last forever

  4. I love and respect this collection. it must have taken years of tracking down to get a few of these gems. The sad thing is not everyone can do this and that the “sneaker game” is now a rich mans pursuit. i would love to have half of these, but i also like having a car and a house……

  5. This not the collection of a true sneakerhead. This is some rich kid’s ‘collection’ who probably wears Pumas


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