Ever been to a city trying to find a sneaker shop for your daily sneaker needs? The Sole Search app is the FIRST SNEAKER BOUTIQUE LOCATOR that has made it possible for sneakerheads that are trying to find shops much easier no matter where they’re at in the world

In 2006, Pangea Subsidiaries announced that SoleSearch, a savvy and easy-to-use Sneaker application for iPhone and iPod Touch, is available on the App Store. SoleSearch is the first global directory that caters to the needs of the jet setting, world traveling sneaker afficionado. SoleSearch compiles a list of hundreds of boutiques in various countries that specialize in unique sneakers and hard to find releases.

“SoleSearch immediately connects you to the culture all over the world by placing the like minded in the same room with the well dressed. We did the hard part by putting the App together, so relax and take it easy and let your SoleSearch.” With SoleSearch, the sneaker enthusiast stays connected with the newest releases by targeting the nearest location no matter where they may be travelling in the world. With the SoleSearch App now available, millions of people will never find themselves unable to find the newest releases and most popular outlets.

The SoleSearch Mobile App offers user friendly design and functionality features, SoleSearch will allow users access to the ‘Everything Sneakers’ yellow pages via their mobile devices anywhere they have cellular data service or wi-fi capability. Key features of the SoleSearch Mobile App include:

· SoleSearch Database – Hundreds of independent sneaker boutiques worldwide. Find the location closest to you or any requested location.

· Add-A-Store- Ability to add your favorite and most frequented store or boutique to the ever growing SoleSearch
· Google Maps- SoleSearch is integrated directly into the Maps application on the iPhone. Users can look up turn by turn, walking, and public transportation routes to the desired boutique from any requested location.

· Bookmarks- Catalog your ‘Favorite’ stores that you visit or want to visit in one convenient place for easy and convenient access.

SoleSearch was conceived by tech savvy sneaker enthusiasts for tech savvy sneaker enthusiasts . “Apps for mobile devices have been a huge product on multiple platforms. I’m an iPhone user but I wasn’t able to relate to the booming sensation until we created SoleSearch.” said Brandon Williamson, CEO of Pangea. SoleSearch is ushering in a slight advancement in the procurement of hard to find urban footwear and unique designer shoes. Today more and more consumers are travelling miles around the globe solely to visit the sneaker spots that influential people talk about in high profile interviews. With SoleSearch people are connected instantly from their mobile devices directly into the wide culture of the most sought after, exclusive footwear. It’s the ultimate ‘high-five’ just to be included in the premier launch of global boutiques,” says Jason Stewart Owner of ACK in Michigan.

Pricing & Availability

SoleSearch is available for $.99 from the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch at www.itunes.com/appstore/ . Additional information for additional information about SoleSearch including screen shots and demo video please visit http://www.Sole-Search.net/ or www.youtube.com/prsvr.

About Pangea Subsidiaries Inc

Pangea Subsidiaries is the Chicago, Illinois based parent company that a parent company to Fashion, Philanthropic, Technology, Art and Fashion entities.

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