Last week, the “Olympic” colorway of the upcoming “Son of Mars” surfaced for the first time, giving us a first look at the colorways that follow in 2012. Today, we have a look at a another colorway set to release in August, that features a White / Club Purple theme. Check out theĀ  Son of Mars – White / Club Purple colorway after the jump. Via Air Randy

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  1. Oh great! So let me guess if the "grape" 5's drop again there gonna add this "club purple" Kind of like the new Tech grey 4's.

  2. Hotness son!! I'ma kill people with these!! All purple outfit son, peep my fashion formula; purple fitted, Lil Wayne t-shirt, cockring, gold fronts, a gold cane with a gigantic eagle handle, parachute pants, Son Of Mars, fuck outta here yo I'm killin' it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Real talk, picture these without that lace cover and they'd be a TINY bit more acceptable….A TINY BIT!!!…..


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