Original Story (12/29/21): The South Park x adidas collection will include more characters than just Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. Just revealed is an NMD_R1 V2 based on Professor Chaos and a Forum Low based on AWESOM-O 4000.

Professor Chaos is the supervillian alter-ego of Butters that made his debut in Season 6, Episode 6, while AWESOM-O is the robot disguise made up by Cartman to trick Butters in Season 8, Episode 5. The NMD_R1 V2 comes dressed in aqua blue with wrinkled silver foil accents, mimicking the aluminum foil that makes up Butters’ costume. The Forum Low, on the other hand, comes dressed in brown leather, mimicking Cartman’s cardboard box costume, while the laces are curly to mimic the AWESOM-O’s wiring. Both characters are also found on the box that these shoes come in.

Check out the South Park x adidas NMD_R1 V2 “Professor Chaos” and Forum Low “AWESOM-O” below. Expect these to drop in the coming weeks on adidas.com and at select retailers.

Update (03/14/22): According to the Foot Locker release calendar, both of these styles, as well as the “Stan March” Stan Smith and “Cartman” Forum Low, are dropping on March 21st. Stay tuned for any further updates.

South Park x adidas NMD_R1 V2 “Professor Chaos”
Style Code: GY6477
Release Date: March 21, 2022
Price: $160 USD

South Park x adidas Forum Low “AWESOM-O”
Style Code: GY6475
Release Date: March 21, 2022
Price: $110 USD


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