stampd la-puma-r698-desert storm_06
Though we’ve seen an awful lot of R698 collabs in the past few months, this latest collaboration between Puma and STAMPD LA still managed to make us feel some type of way: good. The simple kicks are some of the best we’ve seen from Puma as of late.

The tonal, sandy kicks are decked out in leather and suede, much of which has been perforated. Simple accents such as a splash of 3M and an appropriately stamped “STAMPD” branding tie things together as well. The worst thing about these kicks is that they don’t drop until June 20th, but as always, be sure to stay tuned to MN as hopefully we see more pics in the future as the release date approaches.


stampd la-puma-r698-desert storm

stampd la-puma-r698-desert storm_03

stampd la-puma-r698-desert storm_02

stampd la-puma-r698-desert storm_04

stampd la-puma-r698-desert storm_05


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