stella-adidas-boost-collection-1Stella McCartney is everywhere this summer, after designing the Olympic uniforms for the UK, she has joined Adidas once again for more bold footwear. After many previous collaborations with Adidas in the past, Stella is back better than ever. Featuring two unique colorways on the Pure Boost and Ultra Boost models, Stella brings fashion to performance and blends the two perfectly.

The Ultra Boost brings in a subtle black and white with salmon accents on one and a bold salmon and gold on the other. While the first set brings in plenty of color, it is nothing in comparison to what the Pure Boost has in store.

With a neoprene strapped upper, the Pure Boost is reimagined by Stella and brings in inspiration from other models such as the ZX line with the embossed heel and EQT line with the three stripes hidden on the side. One pair features a black and red, highlighted by a dark floral pattern along the upper, while its partner is found in strong pastel colors. Release is set for July 15th and will bring even more color to the summer. For all news regarding Boost, stay tuned here and follow @ModernNotoriety.stella-adidas-boost-collection-2stella-adidas-boost-collection-3 stella-adidas-boost-collection-11 stella-adidas-boost-collection-10 stella-adidas-boost-collection-9 stella-adidas-boost-collection-8 stella-adidas-boost-collection-7 stella-adidas-boost-collection-6 stella-adidas-boost-collection-5 stella-adidas-boost-collection-4


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