With the third season of Stranger Things hitting Netflix on July 4th, some strange things have begun to appear in Fortnite’s Battle Royale.

Players have reported the appearance of portals reminiscent of those that lead to the Upside Down showing up in the Mega Mall region of the map, a possible reference to the Starcourt Mall from Stranger Things season 3. When players walk through a portal the world turns dark before teleporting players to a location across the map.

Ice cream cones have also started to appear throughout the map that replenishes players health and many are speculating that this ties into the fact that Steve Harrington and Robin, a newcomer to the show, can be seen working as ice cream vendors in a teaser for the upcoming season.

There’s no official statement of a collaborative effort between Stranger Things and Epic Games but this isn’t out of character for Epic Games to tease promotional collabs within the Fortnite game before announcing it.

Stay to tuned for an official announcement and in the meantime take a look at the Nike x Stranger Things collab.


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