In our latest segment of Street Notoriety, we caught up with Chicago based Prosper Bambo. Here’s a few facts.

Name: Prosper Bambo

Occupation: Publish Brand Midwest Rep/Akira Chicago Retail buyer specializing in Footwear / Contemporary street wear.

Whats he’s wearing:

-Publish Brand fleece slouch style pants with front kangaroo pockets
-Publish Brand hybrid raglan baseball style bottom-up with roll down collar
-Publish Brand snapback
-Blank over size mesh short sleeve top
-Nike Air Python Lux SP

The Fit: Prosper stated “The idea was to mix modern sportswear into casual contemporary while pushing the envelope of innovation.”

Publish brand is known for pushing innovation with their clothing and Prosper’s unique style allowed us to see how versatile Publish Brand clothing can be. Peep the shots down below and let us know if you dig the fit via our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Photos: Vince Sirico

prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_26_result     prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_05_result prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_04_result prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_08_result   prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_11_result prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_12_result  prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_13_result prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_14_result prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_15_result prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_18_result prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_16_result


prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_21_result prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_24_result  prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_22_result prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_25_result prosper-bambo-street-notoriety-shoot_02_result



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