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Tyler Nguyen, Student and Photographer
Downtown Seattle, January 2014.

Instagram: @tylerrnguyenn

“The idea behind this outfit was to blend in with my urban surroundings through modern streetwear aimed towards the dark, minimalist look. My style tends to gravitate towards dark streetwear brands, but sometimes I’ll mix it up with a clean look influenced by something [I see] inĀ GQ–it’s like having the best of both worlds. Being a photographer has definitely influenced my style as well because as I shoot different people, I get to see what dope styles they come up with.”

Tyler wears a 40oz x Black Scale coach’s jacket and long sleeve, Modern Amusement button-up shirt, Bullhead jeans, Veritas by Design “Citali” gold bracelet, and Air Yeezy 2 Solar.

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  1. Ha I know this fool, I dont get why exactly this is article worthy, but goes to show yeezy hype can gravitate attention towards anything. For example that pathetic album Yeezus.


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