Stüssy launched its version of the Nike Air Force 1 in December 2020. It featured a hemp construction, one of the most eco-friendly fabrics. The brand will now be following up that release with a limited run of hand-dyed versions of their AF1 collab and a collection of Stüssy x Nike upcycled and insulated garments.

The Stüssy x Nike Air Force 1s are hand-dyed by California-based Lookout & Wonderland, an art practice based in plant color, medicine and fiber. They are prepared in tannins, and slowly dyed with plants chosen for their color and skin soothing medicinal properties. All natural dyes are ethically harvested, and 5 unique dyes have been chosen to represent each of Stüssy’s world tour cities: Tokyo, LA, Paris, London, and NYC.

The accompanying Stüssy x Nike apparel collection includes a pullover hoodie, skirt and pants, crafted from translucent ripstop consisting of at least 75% recycled nylon reclaimed from waste products ranging from carpeting to used fishing nets. These pieces are insulated with Thermore EcoDown, a water and weather-resistant fabric made from recycled polyester, replacing traditional feather down. The mostly-white pieces include a green dye section to go along with the hand-dyed themed of the Air Force 1s.

The Stüssy x Nike upcycled garments and a limited quantity of the hand-dyed Stüssy x Nike Air Force 1s will be available on on Friday, January 29th at 10AM PST.


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