stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz

Streetwear icons Stussy and NEXUSVII have joined forces for this “Rainy Dayz” collection, and the two work surprisingly well together. Merging the graphic graffiti aesthetic with the simplicity of NEXUSVII this collection sees an interesting take on everything from t’s to hats to jackets and more, with each piece being pulled off with incredible finesse. This is one of Stussy’s most impressive collabs of late, and demonstrates some serious design prowess. Though these aren’t available yet, expect to see them hit shelves November 30th.

stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_15 stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_14 stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_13 stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_12 stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_11 stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_10 stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_09 stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_08 stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_05 stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_04 stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_03 stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_02 stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_07 stussy-nexusvii-rainy dayz_06


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