Supreme and ANTIHERO, two skate brands that regularly collaborate with each other, have revealed their latest collection for the Fall 2020 season.

The collection centers around “ATMOSPHERE URINE” branding, which is patched together from the words “ANTIHERO” and “Supreme.” Twill jackets, hoodies, and beanies — each offered in green, white, and black — each prominently feature this design. It’s also featured on the under side of the two skate decks offered. The top of these decks feature the ANTIHERO eagle logo with a Supreme box logo in its mouth, a graphic seen on previous Supreme x ANTIHERO collaborations.

Two photo tees are also included in this collection. One features a photo of Yomarel Justiniano, a Latina U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent, with an upside-down box logo covering her eyes and an eagle bursting out of her chest (that eagle also has another eagle coming out of its mouth). Given the two brands’ rebellious and anti-authoritarian attitude, this is most likely a middle finger to ICE’s deportation tactics and treatment of Latinx immigrants. The second photo tee is of Michael Jackson’s infamous 2002 incident where he held his nine-month-old son over a hotel balcony in Berlin. On the tee, Michael Jackson’s eyes are also covered with a box logo and the baby has been replaced with ANTIHERO’s eagle logo.

The Supreme x ANTIHERO Fall 2020 collection drops this Friday, November 27th at Supreme locations and Supreme’s webstore. Note that this is a day later than normal due to Thursday’s Thanksgiving holiday. Japan drop is the following Saturday as usual. Grab a look at the complete collection below.



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