Supreme’s logo is much like a graffiti tag—placing it in weird and hard-to-reach places is the whole point. While the brand is known for its apparel pieces and pro skate team, they tend to try for a few outlandish collab placements each season—Oreo sleeves, inflatable kayaks, hatchets, and Bialetti espresso makers have all sported massive Supreme branding in the past. This year, however, they’re dipping their foot into the realm of hobbyist arcade gaming.

A Supreme x Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet was revealed yesterday as part of the brand’s Fall/Winter 2020 Preview, an ultimate fusion of the undercurrent of retro nostalgia found in streetwear circles and perhaps the kings of street fashion branding. As noted by PCMag, the cabinet is actually a rehash of Arcade1Up’s mainline Mortal Kombat cabinet (which includes Mortal Kombat 1, 2, and 3), recolored in red with huge Supreme branding across the top of the cabinet, the riser, and on Raiden’s outfit on the side artwork. The cabinet features a 17″ LCD screen and a traditional button-stick control plate that can accommodate two players at once.

Arcade1Up’s cabinets are sold as an accessible entry point into the world of home cabinet gaming, and usually come in at around $300. Part of the reason the price point is so low is that the cabinets come disassembled with building instructions—kind of like Ikea furniture. As the Arcade1Up machine is about three-quarters the size of an actual arcade cabinet, Supreme took this into account and included a riser with its version which Arcade1Up usually sells separately for an additional $60. The Supreme cabinet will more than likely be priced above this combined $360 price point.

While official information on the Supreme x Mortal Kombat arcade machine is relatively scarce, you can check out PCMag’s review of the mainline version of the cabinet down below. The machine is out of stock via Walmart (Arcade1Up’s official partner), though Amazon currently has a few sellers listed for the non-Supreme version starting at just under $500. As always, stay tuned to Modern Notoriety for updates.

Arcade1Up version vs Supreme version


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