Supreme Oreos dropping this week y’all. First previewed ahead of the Spring 2020 launch, the collaboration between New York streetwear juggernaut and Nabisco sees a release as part of the sixth drop of the season, which also includes a collaboration with Timberland.

The collaborative treat will come in packs of 3. The cookie part is dyed red and features Supreme’s famous box logo branding. The inside of the cookie sandwich is Double Stuf’d with cream filling. Supreme’s red box logo also decorates the packaging.

Supreme’s official announcement of the release comes in the form of an Instagram post. Included is a disturbing photo set of a Supreme Oreo in a person’s mouth, it being chewed up, followed by a smile with red Oreo gunk stuck between the teeth. The mouth in the photos belong to Bread Face, known for posting videos of herself mashing her face into various types of breads.

Three-packs of Supreme Oreos go on sale Thursday, March 25th 10AM CT on Supreme’s webstore. As Supreme locations across the US, UK, and France are temporarily closed, Supreme will be offering free shipping on all orders over $150.


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