Supreme has released a teaser image of one of their pieces from their upcoming Fall/Winter 2019 campaign. The image depicts a model wearing a denim jacket with The Smiths’ Meat is Murder album cover on the back, except the words “supreme is love.” replace the album’s name.

The use of this image for their teaser is a bit surprising since the band’s frontman Morrissey had beef with Supreme stemming from the release of the Morrissey box logo tee in 2016. According to Supreme, Morrissey was being difficult when it came to choosing an image for them to use for the tee and posters, rejecting all of the options from his photoshoot with photographer Terry Richardson, with no reason as to why. Supreme offered him the option to redo the shoot or asked that he return the money that they paid him and they wouldn’t use any of the images. Refusing the options and even suggesting Supreme use a self-taken photo of himself wearing the box logo, Supreme had no choice but to go on without Morrissey’s blessing and picked a photo from the shoot as their contract with him allowed.

After the release of the image, Morrissey made a statement that he did not want to be in the campaign anymore because of Supreme previously having collaborated with White Castle, as he is a known vegetarian. Supreme said that this was not the case.

Is the use of the Smiths album cover a jab at Morrissey, or a sign that their relationship has been mended and restored? Take a look at Supreme’s teaser below and stay tuned for more info on Supreme’s upcoming season.

Supreme x Morrissey tee from 2016
Photo that Morrissey wanted used instead


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