supreme-ss14-camp caps

Today is not President’s day, it’s “Watch Supreme taunt a bunch of pieces everybody wants” day, and the latest installment is this impressive range of headwear from the box logo kings. The camp cap selection for Spring/Summer 2014 is full of varying materials, colors and construction in some cases, but the running theme is still relative simplicity. From trucker-ish renditions to the Liberty collab, these are far from basic, but all of these keep things Supreme. The roll-out on these, like the other pieces, will begin February 20th.

supreme-ss14-camp caps_18 supreme-ss14-camp caps_17 supreme-ss14-camp caps_16 supreme-ss14-camp caps_15 supreme-ss14-camp caps_14 supreme-ss14-camp caps_13 supreme-ss14-camp caps_12 supreme-ss14-camp caps_11 supreme-ss14-camp caps_10 supreme-ss14-camp caps_09 supreme-ss14-camp caps_08 supreme-ss14-camp caps_07 supreme-ss14-camp caps_06 supreme-ss14-camp caps_05 supreme-ss14-camp caps_04 supreme-ss14-camp caps_03 supreme-ss14-camp caps_02

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