Just like we did for the Fall 2019 Tees, we’ll be ranking the designs of this season’s Supreme tees from worst to best. All eight graphic tees will be releasing this Thursday, December 19th in-store and online, each in a range of colorways. Let’s take a look at the designs below.

8) Money Power Respect Tee

Before Supreme officially unveiled their Winter 2019 tees, there were rumors that there was going to be a tee dedicated to hip-hop group The Lox. Money, Power, & Respect is the name of The Lox’s debut album. It featured all three members on the cover: Sheek Louch, Styles P, and Jadakiss. It would’ve been cool to see that cover art on a tee, but instead we ended up with this, two glasses of beer. Not a bad design really, but definitely disappointing.

7) Clowns Tee

Wow. If you’re down with the Juggalo lifestyle, this is the tee for you. Or maybe you’re a fan of the whole evil clown archetype, popularized by The Joker and IT. Not me though. Not really sure what the rings in the background are supposed to be either, maybe bullet holes?

6) D’hiver Tee

D’hiver is a french word that translates to “of winter,” appropriate since this is a winter release. The design is reminiscent to that of old-school postcards, featuring a painting of a house at the end of a snowy road. It’s a simple design that celebrates the season, nothing to be mad about, but also not something I would necessarily rock.

5) Bite Tee

This one features a cute little cartoon of a zombie biting a person’s arm. I like it.

4) Eat Me Tee

Just as cute as the last one, this one features a graphic of two cats surrounded by some handwritten text. The text commemorates Christmas 2019 and wishes you a Happy New Year. Probably could’ve done without the “Eat Me” part, but the little smiley face after makes it lighthearted and playful.

3) Bandana Box Logo Tee

The intricate bandana-style background is a neat take on the classic Box Logo. Anything with a BOGO on it will be sure to sell out in seconds, and this tee will be no different. The hoodie version released last week and resale prices are currently in the $600-700 range.

2) Aguila Tee

Though these next two tees are not as hyped as the Bandana Box Logo, they are higher up on the list for the stories that they tell. The Aguila tee pays homage to María Sabina, a Mazatec curandera (healer) born in the late 1800s. A hero in Mexican counterculture, she is known for introducing the western world to modern day psychedelic mushrooms. The phrase “Aguila Que Nos Enseñaste A Volar” translates to “Eagle that taught us to fly.” Truly a beautiful way to honor the magic mushroom OG.

1) Bridge Tee

It’s awesome to see Supreme pay homage to their NYC skate and graffiti counterculture roots. Supreme does so with this photo tee, honoring the graffiti duo Sane Smith. David “Sane” Smith and his brother Roger (“Smith”) were among the most active taggers in NYC in the ’80s. This particular tag on the Manhattan tower of the Brooklyn Bridge made headlines after the City of New York sued Sane and Smith for $3 million, the biggest lawsuit to date against graffiti writers. The city dropped its lawsuit after Sane was found dead in the waters of Flushing Bay. He was only 22 at the time of his death. Sane will live on through his tags, the continued works of his brother, and through tributes like this tee.

Supreme lookbook images:


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